Jorge Dias was born in 1972 in Maputo, Moçambique, where he lives and works. He studied ceramics in the National School of the Visual Arts in Maputo and sculpture in the School of Fine Arts of the Rio de Janeiro Federal University in Brazil. He is a founding member of the Mozambique Contemporary Art Movement (Movimento de Arte Contemporânea de Moçambique – MUVART). He is currently the director and a teacher in the Maputo National School of the Visual Arts.

He has exhibited regularly since the early 1990s. He has had individual exhibitions in various institutions, in particular: National Art Museum (with Gemuce, Maputo, 2005); Lagos Cultural Centre (with Nelson Leirner, Lagos, Portugal 2005); Franco–Mozambican Cultural Centre (Maputo, 2007 and 2015); Camões Portuguese Cultural Centre (Maputo, 2010); PLM Foundation Space (with Lino Damião, Lisbon, Portugal, 2012) and the BCI Mediateca (Maputo, 2014).

He has participated in various collective exhibitions, in particular: Replica and Defiance (Mozambique, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Angola, 2007); Lisbon-Luanda-Maputo in the Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional Gallery (Lisbon/Portugal, 2007); Anganza Africa in the October Gallery (London/United Kingdom, 2008); S. Tomé e Príncipe Biennial (2008); Africa Now in the World Bank (Washington DC, USA, 2009); Africa 2.0 in Influx Contemporary Art (Lisbon, Portugal, 2012); Processes in Kulungwana (Maputo, 2013).

His work is represented in various public and private collections: Bank of Mozambique, Banco Comercial e Investimentos, Franco-Mozambican Cultural Centre, Camões Portuguese Cultural Centre in Maputo and its Beira hub, CIEDIMA Gráfica, Centre for Legal and Judiciary Training, Mozambique Railways, National School of the Visual Arts, Maputo Portuguese School, Moçambicano Hotel, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Museum, PMLJ Foundation and Eduardo Mondlane University Directorate of Culture.

Since 2003 he has written various theoretical essays on artistic production in Mozambique and has contributed to the theorisation of more recent productions. He has written articles for the Notícias, Meianoite and O País newspapers, for the MUVART blog and for the digital contemporary art review Artecapital (Portugal).

He has worked as curator of the Maputo National Art Museum (2007-2010) and in the curator field has also participated in various national and international projects, in particular: Art Fair ARCO´06 (Madrid, Spain 2006); Lisbon Art Fair (Lisbon, Portugal, 2004 e 2008); Mozambique Contemporary Art Expo (Maputo, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010); as co-curator of the TDM Biennial The Machine That Wanted To Fly (Maputo, 2007) and the TDM Biennial Spaces Today: challenges and limits (Maputo, 2009).

Jorge Dias participated in Processes: the Artist confronting the Work


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