Coffee with Processes artists is a Kulungwana initiative, a programme parallel to the Processes exhibition, created to promote an opportunity for informal conversation and debate between artists and the public about the processes of producing contemporary art in Maputo and Mozambique in the present day. The meeting took place in the “Waiting Room” space outside the gallery, which is located inside the Maputo Railway Station, parallel to the exhibition entitled Processes: Artist, Work, Public in 2014, and Processes: the Work defying the Artist in 2015.

From the meeting on the exhibition Processes: the Work defying the Artist, an interview was prepared for the artists, to show the different points of view, their reflections on Processes and the panorama of contemporary art in Maputo, Mozambique and in the world.

The Mozambican poet and journalist Amosse Mucavele was invited to write an article on the first Coffee with Processes artists, held from the exhibition Processes: Artist, Work, Public. With the collaboration of Elton Pila, they present WHEN THE MEANS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE PURPOSES (click to read)













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