The first edition of the Processes project was an exhibition of visual art dedicated to installation, with three works that mirror individual creative processes.

Paraphrasing Orson Wells “the artist creates parallel worlds”. Through individual expression the artist aims to reveal new landscapes of the possible. In this sense it is interesting to think of the creative process as a stage for intense relations between the artist and his work, in the construction of this world itself.  

Artists were requested to create a work about his or her work, and specifically about the process of creating their own artistic production.  

Processes is the result of the individual work of Berry Bickle, David Mbonzo and Jorge Dias in their search to materialize this challenge. The artist confronting the work.

The exhibition was held from 25 July to 14 September 2013 in the Kulungwana Artistic Space, the “waiting room” gallery in the Maputo Central Railway Station, with special participation by the artist Nuno Silas, who performed at the opening of the exhibition.

Berry Bickle

David Mbonzo

Jorge Dias







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