Participated in Processes: the Artist confronting the Work, presenting the work The life of B (Life of Beatrice)              

Installation/ Personal clothing, salvaged objects, glass jars, paper and plastic/ 2012-2013


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The life of B is an amalgamated portrait of B . B is Beatrice of Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy (Divina Commedia)

Beatrice guides Dante through the nine celestial spheres of Heaven. The process engaged in The life of B, is transformation from a basis that follows narrative form.  Discarded clothing describes personal history, and the absence of the body describes the memory attached to an evocative object such as a dress. The process is to allow the dresses to form a story of a feminine persona .In the creative process or studio process the principle object of a dress is reconstructed with different materials attached and sewn into and onto the dress as part of the narrative and suggests personal histories that become embedded and suggestive of other stories , almost postcards to memory . The process then extends to the instillation that offers a sculptural element to the installation. The creative process is still raw in the work, there are elements that remain flexible, until the final elements are held in glass Jars as objects that distill or clarify the process and become essential to the narrative. These elements are the end, or the conclusion.

The process describes a journey as Beatrice guides Dante, as the deconstruction of the dresses compose her narrative. The concept is both an entanglement of life stories and a floating free or liberation as her process becomes a heavenly one as within Dante’s  (Divina Commedia).  – By Berry Bickle

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